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Let's add a bit of colour to those cheeks!

So as you are well aware, we have character draft sketches. Well, Nyx wanted to see what they might look like with a bit of colour on their cheeks, and so I am proud to present: Nyx's colouring and doodling fun page!!

Look at that grainy texture, so arty, so new age:

I know what you are thinking.....Phoenix Wright is about to storm this picture!

I really like this...I know Nyx isn't as happy as I am about sharing it with the world, but too bad, I said it's great so now everyone gets to enjoy it!

I know everyones characters and story developments, but still seeing them like this...imagining their scenes that are quite high in emoition....oh my....I can't wait till you can all be hopelessly in love like I am!! I am excited for both me and you!

Everett Crew + Framed well = OBJECTION!.

Cotton Candy CN-

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