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Yahoo~ I’m MoltenCherry
I am a level 30 human scholar whose skill trees specialise in video games and Japanese popular culture.
I enjoy the indoors. I’m convinced the sun is trying to kill me. When it’s sunny, I believe you can’t go wrong with air-con, a light throw and a video game/anime. I am in my best moods when it’s cold and raining- to the point that my friends believe my moods control the weather. I don’t really fangirl but I do get attached to fictional drawn/animated characters. I am a happy crier and believe that nothing is sweeter than dying together, even enemies. I like sweets, being organised and more sweets.
Ahhhh...*trying to think of what you could possibly want to know if you are reading this*
I will make more things happen here when I think of them! Promise :D
I think this all really sums me up, oh yeah, and I am horribly addicted to Dota 2. I said Good Day sir!
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