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Link to QuantumSuicide Demo
Link to QuantumSuicide Demo
Link to QuantumSuicide Demo

Quantum Suicide is a game of betrayal, deception and romance in the cold depths of space.

This science fiction thriller tells the tale of an intergenerational mission and its diverse crew, fighting against a deadly AI (and each other) for the chance to survive. Strategy, love interests and quantum mechanics await you. Your choices change the fate of everyone in Quantum Suicide, releasing on PC and Mac August 2020, and the PlayStation Vita, PS4 and Switch in late 2020.



  • Male and Female protagonist options.

  • Death at every corner - with over 30 death endings awaiting you!

  • 7 romance options (3 male, 3 female and the A.I. system herself~)

  • Each love interest has their own sexual preference - translation: The friend zone is real.

  • With over 50 possible endings - are you ready to experience all possibilities?

  • Full voice acting, in both English and Japanese.

  • Original soundtrack.

Official Promotional Trailer

Official Opening Theme

Choose wisely. After all, boarding the Everett may be the last thing you ever do.

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