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About CCCN

What is CCCN?
Cotton Candy Cyanide is an Indie Game Development Studio first created in early 2015 that specialises in Visual Novels - as well as amatuer level surgical procedures. I have played a fair amount of surgeon simulator, and will do it for free! What could go wrong?
Where is CCCN?
We can be found on the Gold Coast in Australia. 
No but really, where on the Gold Coast?
Well, we currently make games in our house, and no 'studio' per se, however, if you do want to send us gifts and/or pictures of your cat in a pikachu costume that you just bought and are very proud of, please send to:
Cotton Candy Cyanide
P.O Box 613
Melton, Victoria, Australia, 3337
Why do you make games?
Why are you reading this? Because you want to! (unless you are part of a class discussing terrible website design, in that case welcome to CCCN and come on man~ that hurts my terrible design's feelings).
Why Visual Novels?
I like them, don't you? 
I have never heard of you.
Not a question, but that's cool I can answer
that for you. We haven't released a game just
yet. I know, what kind of studio has no games...
but we are working on our first title, Quantum
Suicide, so bear with our portfolio for just
a moment k?
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