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Frequently Asked Questions


So, we're that interesting that you just want to know every little thing about us, hey?
Tell you what, let's play 20 questions. 
Where are you from?





What gender are you?


We are of the female variety.
Are you single?


We thought you'd never ask.  MoltenCherry is, regrettably, married to a wonderful man. Nyx, on the other hand, is single but has trouble dating outside of fictional characters named John Watson, Ben Wyatt, Hoban Washbourne or Maurice Moss.



Why video games?


Simply, we both like playing them although we do enjoy vastly different genres. MoltenCherry loves competitive multiplayer games like DOTA 2 and Starcraft. Nyx likes poignant indie games like The Stanley Parable and Thomas Was Alone. 


Why Visual Novels?


Basically, because we love VNs and think that they are an under-represented genre in the Western gaming industry. We want to remedy that.


Does that mean you understand Japanese?




What does the previous answer say?


Learn to moon rune.


How do you come up with your ideas?


For games? Essentially, we try to create a game that we, ourselves, would want to play. If we like it then there is a pretty good chance that others will like it too. 


What do you think are the most important elements of a Visual Novel?


For us, the most important factors are the basics. Good art, good storytelling, plenty of choices, and the bravery to continue hurting your characters even after they've begged you to stop.


Who does your art?
Well, neither of us can actually draw so we outsource to talented artists we find by scouring deviantart and tumblr. Our current VN, Quantum Suicide, is being drawn by some phenomenal artists. Dan is our main sprite artist, and Owen Carson does our sexy background art. Paperdoor Studios designed our beautiful spaceship. 


So, if you don't draw, what do you do?


Oh, not much really. We just create the characters, write the story, code the game, map all of the endings, hire artists and musicians out of our own pockets, complie it to make a functioning demo, put it on Kickstarter, and pray that other people like it as much as we do.


Why Kickstarter?


Kickstarter is a great opportunity for us to get the funding we need to make the game that we have kicking around in our heads into a reality. We want to provide a quality game experience, but unfortunately, quality costs money. The phrase 'poor university student' isn't baseless, you know.


So, you guys are PhD candidates? What's that like?


Equal parts terrifying and enchanting.


What exactly are you doing your doctorates on?


It's pretty complicated and boring, you don't want to know.


No, really. What are your doctorates about?


Fine. MoltenCherry's doctorate is about the differences in Day One release titles of the PS4 between Australia and Japan and what cultural commentary can be derived from these differences. 
Nyx has only just started her doctorate so she hasn't actually narrowed down a specific research question yet. It'll be something to do with a jurisprudential look at Japanese cultural artefacts and why and how they have failed to integrate into Western popular culture.


Have you published academic stuff yet?


Soon, my pretty. Soon.


Will your games be on Steam?


Hopefully. Provided we market correctly, we anticipate no trouble getting Steam users to Greenlight us.


Does that mean there won't be ecchi?


No, it doesn't mean that at all. Ecchi will be provided with all Cotton Candy Cyanide VNs in a sizeable portion. Not to the point of gratuitous fan service, but it'll definitely be present.


And, uh...what about hentai?


It's highly unlikely that we'll be able to provide hentai content in our VNs if they are listed on Steam. Unfortunately, as Steam is our best option for global distribution, hentai is probably not going to happen any time soon. Pervert.
That said, if you wanted to draw/write/create derivative materials that maybe just happened to have sexual content in them, we wouldn't really mind that much. In fact, you should swing us a link, you know, for reasons.


So, does that mean I can use your characters and artwork freely?


Not quite. All characters, names, places, designs, branding,etc., in our games are copyright of Cotton Candy Cyanide unless it is otherwise stated. As such, we have an exclusive right to reproduce, publish and communicate the work to the public. Remember, one of us has a law degree and is prepared to use it.
However, as long as you are not using our intellectual property to profit then go nuts. We'd love to see your take on the characters, and see what mischief you can put them in. 
Bonus round: What are your real names?


Ashley Pearson and Tina Richards. 
Which one is which? You'll never know.


Questions? Queries? Comments? Concerns?
Send us an email at:
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