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Naming 'Quantum Suicide'

Cotton Candy Cyanide’s first visual novel is titled Quantum Suicide. Set in the year 2117, it follows the crew of the Everett, a ship sent by Earth containing the best and brightest of the generation to seek out a new planet to inhabit. You play as a second generation researcher who discovers a method of interdimensional travel which may lead to a way to solve the onboard resource crisis and stop the malprogrammed Artificial Intelligence unit, hell-bent on conserving resources even if it means the lives of the crew.

Quantum Suicide is a fast-paced, intense, emotional thriller with 6 romanceable options and over 30 endings in a high stakes love story that transcends dimensions.

We found the task of naming Quantum Suicide quite difficult, we wanted something that would catch attention but also accurately described the theme of the game. Given that dimensional travel plays a huge part in our game, we had already been investigating parallel universe theories. We found that the Many Worlds theory was a perfect fit for us. The Many Worlds theory, also known as the Everett Interpretation (after Hugh Everett who, incidentally, is the namesake of our spacecraft) essentially posits that for every choice we make in life, there exists a parallel universe in which a different choice was made. These universes continually split again and again to accommodate the multiplicity of choices that could possibly be made.

We named the game Quantum Suicide after a thought experiment used to explain the Many Worlds theory. Essentially, it’s the Schrodinger Experiment from the cat’s point of view. Imagine you have a date with a gun. After a bottle of wine and some fine dining, the gun shoots you (dat personification, tho) ten times in quick succession. The gun will either ‘click’ signifying you died or will be silent, meaning you live. Realistically, you are super dead right now. However, with the Many Worlds theory in play, for each shot of the gun a parallel universe will be created depending on whether you live or die.

In our game, Quantum Suicide is no longer a theory, but a practice. Interdimensional travel can change the fortunes of all aboard the Everett. But you should be wary, the road to the stars is full of hardship. A murderous AI is not all you’ll face, when tensions are high and people are pushed to the breaking point, who knows what even the kindest of crew members will do? Will you uphold your duty to the human race?

Will you be slaughtered in cold, empty space? Will you slaughter?

It’s time to ask yourself: what would you do for love?

Choose wisely.

After all, boarding the Everett may be the last thing you ever do.

Cotton Candy CN-

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