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Demo Writing - The update.

Ahhhh sweet sweet demo, how I have longed for you.

So after weeks of struggling with the writing of the demo, we finally got it down to a workable size and coded. Both Nyx and I were struggling because we would get carried away with the characters and end up with way to much content.

At one stage, we have over 60k words for the demo - which is just way too much and way too long. We had to cut that back to about a 10 minute demo... We compromised and made about a 20minute demo (If you play all paths). So the final demo has 2100 lines of code and 5500 words of dialogue...ahhh that's better.

Now to continually read, proof read and test over and over again to ensure it is good enough to release!! YAY.

Demo demo demo demo demo demo!

Cotton Candy CN-

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