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Introducing: Our Sexy Background Art

Creating a VN is a deceptively difficult task. When you’re playing a visual novel, if all of the elements work correctly, you don’t notice the individual elements of the game: the music, the background art, the expressions, the writing. Rather, you experience the game as a whole.

As we began to fully explore the possibility of turning our little idea of a science fiction batsu game into a living, breathing work of art, all of the little things that we’d never really considered suddenly became hugely important. We had to start considering where our characters lived, what technology was available to them, and how they would make these spaces their own. We realised how important it was that the background art not only complemented the sprite art artistically, but also helped to foster and ground the universe within which our story would be told.

Thus, we began to hunt. After trawling through many talented background artists, we found Owen Carson. We believed that Owen would not only complete the outlined task but also bring a certain life to our world. Conceptually, we were after a well-designed military ship that would be crisp and functional but also had some feature points for the player to look at, such as open starry windows or high-tech displays. We also wanted something that would look sexy covered in blood after a mass murder spree, we’re fun like that.

Soon, we had contacted Owen who kindly agreed to work with us and quickly sent us through sketches based on our descriptions. We were absolutely floored by how professional and expressive the concept art was, he perfectly captured what we had in mind for the game. Seeing our thoughts in a material form, even at such an early stage was really exciting for us. We didn’t have a single criticism of his work, it was just breathtaking, everything was exactly as it should be.

There was a bubbling feeling between MoltenCherry and I that we might actually pull this thing off.

Cotton Candy CN-

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