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Spaccccccceship Design

What is a VN set is space without a space ship? Crazy, that’s what! We here at CCCN- are proud to present, The Everett.

After a large scouting process, Nyx approached Shoji Amasawa, a designer of 3D crafts such as planes, tanks and yes, space ships, to design our spacecraft. With the best descriptions we could offer of the ideas trapped inside our imaginations, Shoji made haste with the designs. His designs are inspired by Derek Meddings work, the spaceship which appears in 2001: A Space Odyssey as well as the Dead Space game series.

Working with Shoji was an absolute delight and one of the easiest processes to date. His ship is simply breathtaking and I couldn’t personally imagine a better or finer looking space craft to spend the rest of my life on. The contrast between the grey and blue is eye catching, and to quote my previous self “I really like the hole thingy in the middle”.

In addition to designing our main spacecraft, Shoji even went the extra mile and designed our shuttle. Absolutely beautiful.

You are correct to get excited to board this ship.

Cotton Candy CN-

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