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Introducing Dan

So, as all games inevitably experience, we've had a set back or two in the last few months. First and most notably, one of the artists we were commissioning realised that her schedule was too hectic to give us the images we needed when we needed them. We were a little disheartened by hitting a complication so early in the process, but committed to the process, we dedicated ourselves to finding a new artist able to see through such a large project.

Introducing Danzzila!

((Note: These aren't our characters, just an example of his sexy drawings.))

We've commissioned Dan to design the 15 main characters and draw sprites of the crew of the Everett. For the demo, we plan to have each of the main 7 characters to have 3 different poses and multiple facial expressions. It's probably more than we need for the demo, but it ensures that we have enough expressions to finish the game, even should the Kickstarter fail.

We also have a total of 8 fully coloured CG's for planned for the demo, with at least one unique CG for each route. We can't wait to see what the talented Dan comes up with, and share it with you all.

Hells yeah, sexy artwork is sexy.

Cotton Candy CN-

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