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The struggles of social media.

Ahhh social media, the foriegn three eyed monster that honestly, scares the hell out of me. Before you ask yourself, really? Cherry are you like 100? I can assure you that I am infact a part of Gen Y and was even born with a commodore 64 tightly grasped in my tiny creepy baby hands (sorry for that mum), but social media...never got on that band wagon.

So here I am, at the bottom step of game development. No one knows me or Nyx nor cares for our existance or what we offer. We have big hopes to create games for people just like us, but are in need of a forum to try and find people who are like minded to share in our vision.

Enter......*dun dun dunnnnn* media.

*face plants onto desk, groaning with a small but sufficient amount of drool*

We created a facebook page, a twitter account, an instagram account, deviantart account. Now, what do I post? We aren't yet at the demo published stage, we still have art slowly trickling in and no final product. . . So I have started posting about the people involved in the project.

Currently, I am focusing on Twitter. Over the last three days, I have posted multiple posts and oh boy is social media an emotional rollercoaster.... we recieved our first retweet, our first follower, our first favourited tweet thing and today, we lost our first follower. . . *tears* . . . It is now my life's goal to win back the heart of @indiewombat . . .you were my first, I love you.

@Indiewombat, I want you back~.

Cotton Candy CN-

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