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Quantum Suicide's Logo

So, after long hard discusions with Nyx, it was clear from my previous attempts to create us a stunning logo in paint, that she was not happy with my skill level. What a joke right?

Either way, regardless of my glaring skill, we decided to go with a professional and get the logo done right, or at least not soley in paint :P

Introducing Quantum Suicides official logo:

Our logo designer is Luna Li.

Working with her was an absolute dream! She was happy to make adjustments to please us. At times she gave us multiple variations and options. . . because she knew what we wanted, even when we didn't.

The crest without the writing is the crest worn by the memebers of the Everett. Nyx drew the original idea of the crest in the program she claims to be superior to my precious paint...who does she think she is? the god of paint progams? I think not! I was using paint before she was even born!! *stares lovingly at my paint icon*

The logo is so shiiiiny, I like it, and yes, that is a reflection on my intelligence~.

Cotton Candy CN-

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