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Quantum Suicide's Original Soundtrack

So after a few weeks of working with Voyna, we are proud to announce that Quantum Suicides full soundtrack is complete! and to celebrate, we are going to give you a taste...3 tracks specifically chosen to get you excited for the more to come!

Introducing Quantum Suicides official soundtrack:

Our musician is Voyna, also known as Wojciech Wojnowski.

Check out the three tracks on soundcloud here.

I could not be happier. The music is perfectly suited for its purpose. It is sci-fi-ish yet not too cheap sounding, epic but not overbearing...can you tell I have no idea about music? I am just throwing together the adjectives that come to mind...ohhh, its very like, those times that you are like, um...what? and you are doing suspicious eyes side to side....and you are moving slowly like that will help you think faster because something is wrong, but you aren't sure what.....that's a perfect explanation for this music!

You + Me + This soundtrack + shift eyes = A good Saturday Night.

Cotton Candy CN-

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