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Character Design Sketches...oh the sexiness!

Oh how time flies when you are having fun....or not having fun....time, it moves forwards no matter what you do, I guess. Enough philosophicalness, It's time we bought you some new love dearest bloggie, and here it is, our character sketches:

Our Artist of course is the one and only Danzilla.

I am sure you are asking, Nxy, MoltenCherry, how did you come up with some wonderful character ideas, or names for that question....

Well Internet, it's quite simple. As for the courtable options....2 of the female chacters are what we would like to be ourselves in some manner...(trying to guess which two? you'll never get it!)...As for the men, we both are drawn to one each and so their development has been built on our deepest, secret desires......(still trying to guess?).....

The other two....well, one reminds us of a friend and one is just what the story needed :P

A.I is a love for both of us. We love Computers, We love the idea of AI systems and we Love lolita clothing.....tada, the perfect AI system, names Ai is born. Melody is a cutie, that secretly is inspired by Nanako chan....not that she will ever compare!! And the rest, well, I have babbles on quite enough for one day!

MoltenCherry and Nyx.....Shizuka, Kimiko or Beatrix? You'll never know! Mwhaha

Cotton Candy CN-

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