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Cotton Candy Cyanide will be at SUPANOVA - 29th Nov BRISBANE.

Ahhhh Supanova - 30,000 people who are in fact "one of us" - All crowded into a convention centre to enjoy the things we love with the people who understand our joy. The push and shove of walking past endless booths, wanting to see in, wanting to be apart of something, but not willing to push over the child in ftont of me to see....

GOOD NEWS: We will be one of those booths!! PUSH AWAY!!

So come and see myself and Nyx in person at our Supanova booth!!

We will have a working demo of Quantum Suicide set up, as well as freebies - but most importantly - real life fist bumps and hi-fives. Don'tmiss out!

So, if you aren't doing anything that weekend, why not take the time to come down to Supanova, buy some replica weapons you probably don't need and then get excited with us about Quantum Suicide!

Supanova - more like supernova - get it, space pun :P

Cotton Candy CN-

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